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Personal Injury – No Win No Fee Lawyers

At Clewett Lawyers, we believe everyone should have access to quality legal representation, no matter where you are from, what has happened to you or your financial circumstances. That is why we operate on a No Win, No Fee basis for every client for every Injury Compensation case. We help many Queenslanders on this basis to seek the justice they deserve.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers will give you an upfront tailored appraisal of your case and its prospects. For all personal injury claims we agree to take on, our no win no fee injury compensation lawyers from Clewett Lawyers will not charge you any legal fees until your claim has settled. There are no up-front costs.

No-win No-Fee Explanation

In simple terms, ‘No Win No Fee’ means that if you do not win your case, you do not have to pay Clewett Lawyers their professional costs.

Our Professional Fees are instead deducted from the amount rewarded at the successful conclusion of your matter.

Our Compensation Lawyers will keep you well informed throughout the process of your claim. Prior to accepting an amount for compensation you will always know how much you will be receiving in-hand to allow you to make a well-informed decision.

Question: “If I win, could all my compensation be eaten up by legal fees?”
Answer: “NO!” Clewett Lawyers is bound by rules, regulations and laws that govern how much we are able to charge our clients.”

To find out more about our no win, no fee policy contact or our Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law on 07 4639 0399 or submit a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CASE REVIEW and we will be in contact.

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